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Twitch Streamer CouRage Reveals Why It’s Hard To Lose Weights



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Twitch streamer and co-owner of 100 Thieves who is one of the best content creators in Call Of Duty: Warzone, Jack “CouRage” Dunlop, took his official Twitter account to talk about his weight problems.

Even though CouRage doesn’t even really a fat person, he has been having trouble with overweight. Also, he tried out to lose some weight and had amazing results in the past. But, it seems like CouRage has been gaining weights all over again.

In the post, CouRage mentioned that it has been constant 27 years of battle against overweight and said that he gains weight no matter what he does in the end. Although he hit his target goal, he has problems with protecting it.

Furthermore, CouRage pointed out that there are lots of great people who share lots of advice, but it doesn’t matter to him because he can not keep his weight where he wants it. Therefore, he decided to came up with a new plan.

According to CouRage, he will be hiring someone to plan his entire life of eating and training. This person will work out with CouRage, prepare his food, and gives snacks when he is allowed. In this way, he thinks that he could make it work finally.

Here is what CouRage said:

“It’s pretty crazy that no matter what I do I still gain weight. It’s been a constant 27 year battle for me. Everything else I’ve done in life I’ve been able to conquer and get a hold of. No matter what I just always either over eat or slack too much on working out. Dang.

I know what it takes. I’ve done the weight loss grind on and off for over a decade. It’s just that I can never fully lock it in. I’ve hit my target goal but then my inner fat kid climbs back. I can do everything else I set my mind to but keep my weight where I want it…”

He continued:

“The funny thing is at this point I’ve had so many great people help me. They’ve all given me awesome advice. It just doesn’t matter at this point  Unless I literally have someone be my shadow 24/7 watching what I take and getting me to workout I just won’t lose weight.

I want to hire someone to plan my entire life of eating/training. Works out with me. Prepares my food and gives me my snacks when I’m allowed. Literally need them to log my calories, macros, and just be an expert. LA based and will make me their priority.”

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