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Twitch Streamer KingGeorge: “I’m Totally Fine With New Shields Meta In Rainbow Six Siege”



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George Kassa, known as “KingGeorge,” is a 30-year-old American former Rainbow Six Siege player who had played for teams like Continuum, Vertical Gaming, and more. Since his retirement, he has been streaming on Twitch.

KingGeorge took his official Twitter account to reply to the tweet of another content creator, Macie Jay, and revealed his honest opinion about the current shields meta of the game, which has been changed after the recent updates.

In the post, KingGeorge stated that shield operators were great without any downsides for a long time that he is pretty fine about their weaknesses right now. Also, he pointed out that they have now become support operators as they should be.

Macie Jay wrote:

“I have good news for many of you; I spent the last 3 days trying to make Blitz work and I can confirm he is hands down the worst operator in the game. Fun facts I learned; Ela mines and Clash electricity fully knocks your shield back and don’t allow you to rotate your body.”

KingGeorge replied:

“I’m totally fine with this, shields were great with little to no downsides for so long. Right now they force you to play with someone which is how they should be. They are support operators, not a 1 man army good in any situation.”

You can read the tweets below.

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