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Twitch Streamer KingGeorge Reveals One Of The Favorite Features In Rainbow Six Siege



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Former Rainbow Six Siege player and Twitch streamer KingGeorge took to his official Twitter account to share a new post and revealed his favorite feature that added to the game with the new patch notes.

With the launch of the new operation to Rainbow Six Siege, Operation Shadow Legacy, Ubisoft added so many features in the game. Some of them are the new ping system, map banning system, and more. Also, they added a new operator, Sam “Zero” Fisher, into the game.

KingGeorge pointed out the beauty of having a dot in the middle of the screen and showed how a great feature it is. Even though it is a great feature, he shared his suggestion to improve it. KingGeorge said that this dote could change the shape while replacing the gadgets, and this would be really helpful for the players.

Here is what KingGeorge wrote:

“One of my favorite small changes this season is the center dot on your screen. My only suggestion is to make the dot turn into another shape when placing a mira/gadget in the perfect spot. I used to use it before to lineup Mira’s perfectly, it is still possible just a bit harder.”

You can read the tweet below.

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