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Twitch Streamer KingGeorge Shows An 200 IQ Hatch Trick In Rainbow Six Siege



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One of the most followed streamers in the Rainbow Six Siege scene, George “KingGeorge” Kassa, is a 30-year-old former American player who had played for teams like Continuum, Rogue, and more.

KingGeorge is mostly known for his entertaining part of his streams besides his Champion-level of gameplay. Also, he mostly shares the insane plays that he made during the streams on social media.

Recently, KingGeorge found a new way to open the Office hatch on the Border map, which was electrified by Kaid’s gadget Rtila Electroclaw, and it might impress you how he has done it with Thermite.

Normally, people could put Thermite’s Exothermic Charge right next to the hatch, but there are no places to put these charges on Office. Instead, KingGeorge put the charge on the floor between the hatch and the Office wall, which opened up the hatch.

Here is what KingGeorge said:

“New Border hatch trick.”

You can check out the post below.

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