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Twitch Streamer Luxlo Wows The Fans With A Effie Cosplay



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Twitch streamer and talented cosplayer Luxlo captivated her followers by sharing a new photo of herself on the official Instagram account and showed off her new Effie cosplay.

In the picture, you can see that Luxlo was on the outside for the photoshoot session and wearing a costume of Fire Emblem’s Effie. Furthermore, Luxlo was looking astonishingly beautiful with perfect makeup on her face.

As of writing this, Luxlo’s post liked by over 12K people in less than eight hours, and most of the fans headed to the comment section to share their thoughts and praise her beauty.

Here is what Luxlo wrote:

“It’s almost as cold again as it was during this shoot… 🍁❄️

I’ll actually probably be shooting a new fire emblem cosplay in this spot at the same time this year very soon. Effie Cosplay made by me.”

A fan named Jordan added this comment:

“Beautiful and badass 😍”

Another fan named Wendy said:

“This is one of my favorites! 😍”

You can check out the post below.

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