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Twitch Streamer Macia Jay Explains Why He Loves Dokkaebi More This Season



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Rainbow Six Siege’s one of the biggest brains and awesome content creators, Macie Jay, took his official Twitter account to share a new post and shared his thoughts about Dokkaebi.

As you might already know, Dokkaebi is an attack operator who has DMR as a primary weapon, and she can call the enemies with her special ability, and hack the defenders’ camera’s if she can hack their phone’s when they drop after died.

In the tweet, Macie mentioned why he loves Dokkaebi so much this season and said that her special ability fits perfectly with the frag grenades and showed how to make great plays with her by sharing his new Youtube video.

Here is what Macie Jay said:

“I am loving Dokkaebi this season, frag grenades work so well with her abilities. Super clean hack and clear here for all my Dokk mains.”

You can check out the post and video below.

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