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Twitch Streamer Macie Jay Gets An Insane 1v5 Clutch In Rainbow Six Siege



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Twitch streamer and content creator Macie Jay took his official Twitter account to share a new post and uploaded a clip from his recent stream to show off his tremendous gameplay in Rainbow Six Siege.

As you can see in the video below, Macie Jay was playing Kaid on the defence side of Consulate, and he was defending the Garaga/Cafeteria bombsite. However, he finds himself in a 1v5 situation after one minute from the start of the round.

Macie was chilling out on the behind of the white van, and he took down the enemy who was pushing him from the security room. Afterward, he got shotted from the Cafeteria, but he managed to swing the yellow stairs and killed another enemy.

Later on, he put a C4 on the wall of the Cafeteria and blew it to get a view from the inside, which ended up killing another enemy with a headshot. In the 1v2 situation, Macie left with only 21 health.

However, he managed to spray down the Sledge who was trying to vault in from the yellow stairs and got the last attacker who was pushing from the yellow stairs through pipes with a great spray transfer.

Who Is Macie Jay?

Macie Jay is one of the best content creators that Rainbow Six Siege scene has ever seen, and he is mostly known for his intelligence and creative gameplay instead of many other people who would love to watch an insane individual.

In 2016, he started to upload his content on YouTube and started streaming on Twitch. In the same year, he got partnered with Twitch. Following his success in years, legendary North American esports organization Team SoloMid added Macie as a content creator.

Macie has 975K followers and an estimated 6.500 subscribers on Twitch right now. Additionally, he has 1.47 million subscribers on his official YouTube account, and still continuing to grow on these platforms.

Here is what Macie Jay wrote:

“Today’s stream went super well.”

You can check out the post below.

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