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Twitch Streamer Macie Jay On New Rainbow Six Siege Updates: “People Overreacted With The Kali Changes”



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Macie Jay, who is considered one of the smartest streamers in the Rainbow Six Siege scene, is a Twitch streamer and content creator for Team SoloMid. On Twitter, he revealed his thoughts about the new Kali changes.

About a week ago, Ubisoft released a new patch note for Rainbow Six Siege, featuring a controversial Melusi nerfs, Lesion and Mira scope removals, Kali changes that make her unable to one-shot every enemy, and more.

In the tweet, Macie mentioned that people are overreacting to the changes of Kali and said that it’s actually a buff against 1 armor opponents as he pointed out the fact that they are the most played operators in the game.

Here is what Macie Jay wrote:

“I think people overreacted with the Kali change; it is a buff against 1 armors and a nerf against 3, 1 armors are significantly more prevalent than 3 armors and limb shots do 20 or so more damage. So far the majority of my interactions genuinely make her feel stronger not weaker.”

You can check out the post below.

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