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Twitch Streamer Macie Jay Reveals The Feature That Will Benefit All Rainbow Six Siege Players



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Macie Jay, who is one of the smartest and creative content creators in the Rainbow Six Siege scene and also a member of Team SoloMid, took his official Twitter account to share his thoughts about a feature that will positively change the game.

In the post, Macie shared a clip of his gameplay where he was trying to shoot the drone that stays in the drone hole, however, the drone hole was covered with some kind of shield and couldn’t shoot the drone because of it.

Furthermore, Macie wrote that this feature should be a thing for every drone hole and explained why it would benefit the whole community by saying that both new players and good players can be less frustrated now.

Here is what Macie Jay captioned:

“This needs to be a thing on every single drone hole! Sorry but kills through drone holes take no skill, it’s frustrating for new players, and a knowledgeable player can only avoid it which is not a fun interaction. This would benefit all players from casual to pro in my opinion.”

You can check out the post below.

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