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Twitch Streamer Macie Jays Wants A Mini-Rework For Rainbow Six Siege Operator IQ



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Twitch streamer and content creator for Team SoloMid who is known for his intelligent and smart playstyle in Rainbow Six Siege, Macie Jay, took his official Twitter account to share a new post and shared his opinion to rework IQ.

IQ has a low pick rate compared to other operators, and Macie Jay wanted a mini-rework for IQ’s gadget and said that IQ should be able to ping the electronic devices with her gadget that all of her team could gather the information easily.

Which making such a change, the operator won’t be so frustrating to play against and won’t be overpowered as well. By making this change, it would be much easier to communicate with your teammates.

What Does IQ Do In Rainbow Six Siege?

As you might already know, IQ is a female attacker operator who can see electronic devices such as bombs, C4’s, traps, and more from twenty meters away via her special gadget, RED Mk III Spectre.

Also, she has 3 primary assault rifles that all of them could be in use, AUG A2, 552 Commando, and G8A1. However, the operator doesn’t find any place in the high levels of play because of not having much utility on her kit.

In this way, IQ could be combined with such operators like Ash, Zofia, Zero, and many others who can destroy the enemy utility and she can find a place in the current meta of Rainbow Six Siege.

Here is what Macie Jay said:

“IQ should be able to ping electronics with her gadget for her team, this would make her a team player and lessen her need for explosives to clear utility since she could just relay the info to Ash or Zofia.”

You can check out the post below.

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