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Twitch Streamer Mira Sizzles In A Blue Bikini



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Twitch streamer Mira shared a new photo of herself via her official Instagram account and showed off her gym-honed body as she wore bikini suit.

In the picture, you can see that Mira was sitting on the bed and holding a rock on her hang. She was wearing a blue bikini top and white bikini bottom that suits her flawless body and looking so pretty with simple makeup.

As of writing this, Mira’s post reached around 10K likes in less than seventeen hours and still rising. Additionally, most of the fans headed to the comment section to praise her flawless beauty.

Here is what Mira said:

“Your initial reaction is usually your past trying to impose itself on your present. The mind attempts to see the world in a way that reaffirms its conditioning. When it interacts with new events it immediately connects them with familiar events of the past, creating a pathway for old thoughts and emotions to resurface to the conscious level of the mind.

The present is categorized and understood through its similarity to the past – this creates a system of repetition that strengthens old patterns.

Reactions give us the clearest view of what our mind experienced in the past. They are the dense patterns that rise from the deep subconscious as a way to protect us. This form of defense is not based on wisdom but on survival.”

She added:

“When we start expanding our self awareness, we start to see that we have more effective options than just repeating blind behaviors which produce limited results that generally wipe away our clarity and inner peace in the process.

The rapid movements of the mind are so subtle that it can feel like we are the makers of our present destiny. In reality the past is pushing itself into our present inclining us toward feeling the same emotions and thinking the same thoughts.

The way our mental past forces itself into our present gives us little room to decide for ourselves how we actually want to feel and gives little concern to whether or not our reaction comes from an objective observation of how things truly are. With effort, patience and practice we can give ourselves the moment we need to come back to the present and live life in a new way.”

You can check out the post below.

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