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Twitch Streamer Myth Calls Out To The Valorant Developers: “You Are Doing A Great Job”



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Twitch streamer and content creator for Team SoloMid, Myth, uploaded a new post on his official Twitter account and called out to the Valorant developers.

As Myth mentioning that the crosshair feature is a bit limited in the game, he also said that the community needs a more customizable crosshair feature and wondered if they could add such a great feature in the game.

Furthermore, Myth wanted to show his gratitude to the developers and said that they are all doing a great job. While saying that all the changes they are making is good, he also asked them to consider his little request.

Here is what Myth wrote:

“Dear Valorant, can we the community but most importantly me have a more fleshed out crosshair customizer that includes, but is not limited to, circle crosshairs with customizable size and thickness. Thank you.

You guys are doing a really great job, keep going! love the balance changes and updates overall. U can take ur time on adding this lil request into the game. Game making is hard work!”

You can check out the post below.

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