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Twitch Streamer Myth Shows How To Play Omen Aggressively In Valorant



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Team SoloMid contact creator and Twitch streamer, Myth, share a new clip from his recent Valorant stream on his official Twitter account and showed how he outplayed his opponents with an intelligent and aggressive play with Omen.

As you can see in the video below, Myth and his team were ahead 5-1 in the seventh round of the game. They were on the defenders’ side on Split, and they had the one-man advantage at the start of the round.

Myth and Raze decided to push B main, but Raze got one-tapped by the enemy Astra. However, her Boom Bot traded her kill. Then, Myth jumped back to the B side with his shroud step and smoked off the main.

Afterward, Myth stepped in towards his own smoke and got the kill after peaking through the smoke. Then, he returned back to the smoke and shroud stepped to the back of the B main. But, the enemies taught that he was going back to the B site.

Later on, Myth demolished the rest of the enemies and won the round for his team as he gets four kills in the same round. Moreover, Myth wrote in the caption that he activated the demon mode before making this play.

Here is what Myth captioned:

“Demon mode Omen engaged.”

You can check out the post below.

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