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Twitch Streamer Ninja Explains Why Fortnite Become So Popular



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Richard Tyler Blevins, known as “Ninja,” is a 29-year-old American former Fortnite player and full-time streamer who started his career on Twitch. Even though he agreed with Mixer last year, he returned to Twitch in 2020.

Ninja spoke in a recent interview with GQ Australia and talked about the differences that made Fortnite more popular compared to the other games in the market.

In the conversation, Ninja pointed out that Fortnite is a free-to-play game and said that it’s a really fun and colorful game. Also, he mentioned that Fortnite is a simple but complex game, and the cross-platform feature is one of the key factors of this success.

Interviewer asked:

“Fortnite was the platform for a massive boost in the gaming industry and also for you. What do you think made it so popular? And what do you think the next big game will be?”

Ninja responded:

“It’s so simple, but also so complex. It was a very fun game, a very colorful game, but also free to play, and available almost immediately on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC, even the Switch and mobile. This thing was accessible. It was free. You can get it wherever, you can play it wherever.

Then they started doing the cross-platform stuff where you were playing with one another and that’s when it just blew up completely. Everyone was playing this game. They’re playing with their friends, there were no boundaries and the updates were incredible.

As for the next game, man, Among Us is just stomping everything into the ground. Among Us came out of nowhere again, this game was created in 2018. It’s now 2020, and they’ve had to stop production of Among Us 2 to just focus on the original game.”

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