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Twitch Streamer Ninja Explains Why He Didn’t Turn On The Stream Yesterday



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One of the biggest content creator in the world, Ninja, took to his official Twitter account to make an announcement and revealed why he didn’t stream yesterday.

In the tweet, Ninja stated that he will be grinding in Valorant but won’t be streaming it on Twitch. Afterward, he explained why he didn’t want to stream by saying that he is so exhausted and didn’t want to be on screen.

Furthermore, Ninja stated that taking this break will help to have a great mentality for the next stream while having a good sleep in the night. In this way, Ninja claimed that he could be back to the stream with the full condition.

Here is what Ninja said:

“I will be gaming today (Valorant grind) but no stream. I am exhausted and want to be off-screen/not live so I can just rest more mentally and I’m gonna get a good night sleep tonight and be 100% rested for tomorrow <3”

You can read the tweet below.

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