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Twitch Streamer Noted Explains Why He Decided To Stop Playing Phoenix In Valorant: “He Is Limited”



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Vinícius Mancinni, known as “Noted,” is a Brazilian former Apex Legends and Rainbow Six Siege player who has been full-time streaming on Twitch, and mostly playing Valorant on his streams.

Yesterday, Noted shared a new post on his official Twitter account to explain why he stop playing Phoenix as he used to and ended the curiosity of his followers.

In the post, Noted stated that he realized Phoenix is a really limited champion that he couldn’t feel like a duelist anymore to him while giving examples from the other agents like Reyna and Raze. Noted touched upon the fact that Phoenix can’t escape some of the situations like Raze and Reyna can.

Here is what Noted wrote:

“Guys, I stopped playing phoenix because I didn’t realize how limited he was. In my opinion, he’s not a duelist he’s more like an Initiator. They need to buff/give him more freedom to move, type things. He just can’t escape some situations like Reyna Jett Raze can.”

You can check out the post below.

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