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Twitch Streamer Pokimane Dominates Social Media With Her New TikTok Video



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Famous content creator on Twitch, Pokimane, showed how a cute person she is by sharing a new TikTok video n her official Twitter account and dominated social media.

In the video, you can see that Pokimane was sitting on her chair and making some gestures with the music while holding an orange on her mouth. We don’t understand why did she do this, but she was looking so cute that you will watch this video time and time again.

As of writing this, Pokimane’s video viewed over 1.5M times on Twitter, liked over 100K times, and retweeted by around 10K people. Also, lots of them praised her beauty by replying to the post.

Here is what Pokimane wrote on the TikTok caption:

“Vibin with an orange peel 🍊”

A fan named Christian added this comment:

“Wish I was that orange peel 😤”

Another fan named Andrew said:

“I think oranges will take over and destroy the galaxy and Poki will be their leader.”

You can watch the video below.


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