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Twitch Streamer TimTheTatMan Makes A Hilarious Outplay In Call Of Duty: Warzone



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Twitch streamer TimTheTatMan took his official Twitter account to share a new video from his recent stream and made everybody smile with his hilarious outplay during a recent Call Of Duty: Warzone game.

As you can see in the video below, Tim was riding a huge truck, named Big Bertha, and he tried to go through the fence of the village. However, things just started when he couldn’t go through the fences.

After hitting the fences, Tim realized that there was an enemy hiding behind the fences. Later on, he turned around the truck and confused the player by going back and forth. In the end, the enemy decided to jump on the tipper of the truck.

Unfortunately, Tim was five steps ahead of this rookie player. Tim wanted him to jump on the back of the truck so he could be able to execute his plans. After the enemy started to shoot him, Tim left the truck and kill the enemy.

While making such a move, Tim also put a piece of thriller music in the video so it could be more fun to watch. Furthermore, you can see that Tim was holding still while he was staring at the camera and didn’t make any gestures.

Here is what TimTheTatMan wrote:

“Craziest 1v1 I’ve ever had in Warzone…”

You can check out the post below.

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