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Twitch Streamer TSM Myth Unveils His Thoughts About Valorant Esports



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One of the biggest streamers on Twitch and content creator for Team SoloMid, Myth, took his official Twitter account to share a new post and revealed his thoughts about Valorant esports.

Myth was watching the finals of First Strike North America in between 100 Thieves and Team SoloMid, which ended up in favor of 100 Thieves, and he decided to share his reaction on social media.

In the post, Myth thanked Team SoloMid for their efforts and said that they all great individuals. While praising their talent, Myth also stated that Valorant esports is becoming really great in near future.

Here is what Myth said:

“Valorant Esports is truly something to behold. I’m so proud of our team and every team that has been putting in work to make these events so fun to watch. Great storylines with great players. Lets keep this going.”

You can check out the post below.

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