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Twitch Streamer Voyboy Reveals Why He Doesn’t Stream Often Nowadays: “I Just Need A Breather”



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Joedat Esfahani, known as “Voyboy,” is a 25-year-old American former League Of Legends player who was lastly playing for Echo Fox in 2017. Afterward, he became a full-time Twitch steamer.

As everybody knows, Voyboy has been streaming every day on Twitch. However, he couldn’t be able to provide long-term content for his followers on Twitch recently, and he explained the reason via his official Twitter account.

In the tweet, Voyboy mentioned that he has been dealing with lots of things this year and apologized for not streaming quite often recently. Afterward, he stated that he just needs a breather and return back to making content again.

Here is what Voyboy said:

“Sorry for not streaming n stuff lately. been kinda sadge, just built up while dealing with alot this year. i’ll be ok, just need a breather. hope y’all doing good and taking care of yourselves too.”

Counter Logic Gaming player Broxah replied:

“Stay strong, you got this. Everyone needs a breather sometimes – even the one and the only legend himself, the kid!”

You can read the tweet below.

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