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Twitch Streamer xQc Is Banned Due To Stream Sniping In Twitch Rivals



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As you might remember, xQc stream sniped Shroud’s broadcast during the GlitchCon tournament and admitted what he did via social media. Afterward, he criticized by most of the community.

After a few days, Twitch released a new post on their official Twitter account and announced that they decided to punish xQc for what he has done in the tournament.

In the post, Twitch revealed that they banned xQc’s channel for a week and forbidden his entrance to the Twitch Rivals tournaments for six months. Also, xQc admitted once again that he did wrong and apologized to the community.

Here is the official statement from Twitch:

“At GlitchCon our player conduct rules were violated. We require all participants to abide by the same rules in order to play in a tournament. As a result, xQc has been issued a temporary Twitch account suspension, a temporary Twitch Rivals ban & forfeited associated prize money.”

xQc said:

“What I did had no impact on the outcome but it was wrong. Sorry again, I wasn’t trying to cheat out of malice I was just trying to entertain. 7 days suspension for now. Ride like lightning, crash like thunder. Go agane. PS: Give my winning to charity and i’ll match it.”

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