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Twitch Streamer z1ronic On New Streamer Mode In Rainbow Six Siege: “Big Sad”



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Alex Dalgaard-Hansen, known as “z1ronic,” is a 30-year-old Danish former Rainbow Six Siege player who has been a content creator for Natus Vincere since May 2020. Also, he has been streaming on Twitch frequently.

About two days ago, Ubisoft revealed the new road map of the new season as well as announcing the new features for the new Operation Crimson Heist. In this update, one of the most waited features was streamer mode, but it is a client-sided feature right now.

Because of the fact that the players in the lobby could see your real name, z1ronic stated that this feature will do close to nothing if they don’t hide the streamers’ name from the players and showed how sad he is about the long-awaited feature.

Here is what z1ronic said:

“As long as the name isn’t hidden for the other team this will do close to nothing. Big sad.”

You can check out the post below.

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