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Twitch’s Ninja Makes A Bold Statement: “Valorant Is Unplayable Right Now”



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Former Twitch and Mixer streamer Ninja, who recently returned to Twitch, has shared a new post on his official Twitter account and revealed his opinion about the new FPS game of Riot Games, Valorant.

In the tweet, Ninja mentioned the problems Valorant has right not and explained why this game is currently unplayable. Ninja stated that most of the people getting disconnected by the software during the matches and touched upon the cheaters in the high elo.

Furthermore, Ninja didn’t forget to mention the bugs like the silence ultimate of Sova, and the sound bug that happens when Cypher activates his ultimate. Ninja hoped that Riot Games will be fixing these problems as soon as possible so he could continue to enjoy playing the game.

Here is what Ninja said:

“Valorant currently unplayable. nothing but DC’s in Ranked and Customs, not to mention cheaters in high elo matches constantly. Sova silent ultimate glitch, Cypher ult breaks your eardrums. Really hoping for some hotfixes as soon as possible.”

A fan named Russ replied:

“Agreed. The cheaters and DCs suck. The hard impact on your ELO when people quit is really discouraging ): I don’t know why games keep making this mistake. When its a dc or something there should be some code or algorithm that compensates. But no it really sucks.”

You can check out the tweet below.

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