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Ubisoft Announces ‘Crystal Guard’ As Rainbow Six Siege’s Y6S3 Operation



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Rainbow Six Siege is one of the most unique FPS games around the world, and the game evolves around the operations. All the core updates and balancing changes comes with these operations.

Yesterday, Ubisoft revealed on Rainbow Six Siege’s official Twitter account that the new and upcoming operation is named ‘Crystal Guard,’ which will be season 3 of year 6.

Back in the days, Ubisoft announced the roadmap for the year six and mentioned that there will be multiple small reworks on the current maps as well as a new Croatian operator.

In addition to that, there will be one big and two small events in this operation as they did on every operation in year 6. However, Ubisoft didn’t release any details about the release date yet.

Rainbow Six Siege’s official Twitter account captioned this while making the announcement:

“The best view is crystal clear.”

You can check out the post below.

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