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Ubisoft Announces Massive MMR Changes For Rainbow Six Siege



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Rainbow Six Siege is one of the best FPS games in the pool right now, and it is a more tactical-based game compared to the other FPS games such as Valorant and Counter-Strike. However, the game has its own problems.

While some of the players have been dealing with the cheaters for a long time, some of them having problems with the MMR system. In the past, you would lose your MMR when a cheater gets banned, even though if you win that game.

Furthermore, other players have been complaining about not being able to play the ranked mode with friends, asking Ubisoft to lower the squad MMR restrictions for a long time.

Even though the new operation, Crystal Guard, went live yesterday with lots of changes on the operators and the maps, there wasn’t any update about these problems. After a short period following the operation release, Ubisoft finally answered this feedbacks.

As the developers shared a tweet to announce the changes, they revealed that the squad restriction reverted to 1000, which will make players to play with their friends more often and frequently.

In addition to that, the developers stated that players won’t lose the MMR points anymore when they win against a cheater. This last-second update will make playing ranked even less frustrating, and the players seemed happy with these new changes.

Here is the announcement from Ubisoft:

The following changes to MMR are now live:  

    • MMR Squad restriction reverted to 1000  
    • MMR Rollback updated to only reflect recent matches  
    • Players keep MMR when they win against a cheater

Get your team together and aim for Champion!”

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