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Ubisoft Announces New Rainbow Six Siege Operation: High Calibre



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Ubisoft recently announced the new operation for the Rainbow Six Siege via their official Twitter account.

Rainbow Six Siege is a game that revamps every new season with new operations. These operations usually bring new operators, new gadgets, map changes, balancing changes, and many more.

The last operation release happened back in September when they introduced the new attacker Osa as well as Operation Crystal Guard. Before that, the community received Operation Thunderbird back in July.

After a month of the last operation’s release, Ubisoft officially announced the new operation, ‘High Calibre.’ However, the developers didn’t reveal any details about the operation but teased the new weapon.

In the post, the developers shared a glimpse of the brand new rifle, SMG5 MK 2 .50 GI, which means that it will be a sub-machine gun that requires .50 calibre ammunition. Also, it might be the gun of the new operator that we haven’t seen yet.

Here’s the official announcement from Rainbow Six Siege:

“You’ll need bigger rounds if you want to get the job done.”

You can check out the post below.

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