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Ubisoft Bans Clash After People Using Bugs/Exploits – Here Is The Rainbow Six Siege Community’s Reaction



Over the past 2-3 week, toxic Rainbow Six Siege players getting used to abusing the bugs and glitches to take advantage for themselves. For the good of the Siege community, we can’t explain what was the bugs or how can you use it. But Clash, Claymores, and Deployable Shields are permanently banned by Ubisoft till they fix these glitches.

Ubisoft said:

“Over the past few days, we have been working to address the issues presented from exploits surrounding Clash, IQ, and Deployable Shields. We are currently working on fixes. These combined issues touch on core systems of the game, and will therefore take longer than we consider acceptable to address. We are currently expecting fixes prepared by next week. With this in mind, we will first be deploying a server side update tonight to disable Clash, and tomorrow we will have an update to disable Deployable Shields and Claymores.”

Community reacted that update so fast.

Professional Player Fabian, a streamer Macie Jay, and KingGeorge were one of them.

G2 Esports Coach Sua said:

“Wow i didn’t saw that coming. That’s the final part of operation health (kill switch) coming to live. We are on the right track, good decision”

Famous caster Interro said:

“Ubisoft has temporarily disabled Clash, Deployable Shields, and Claymores until the issues involving them are fixed.”

G2 Esports Player Pengu replied to Interro:

“This is great, but should of probably been a decision made almost a week ago, glad that its happening however, half a win!”

Also another caster KiXTAr said:

“This is a really good sign for Ubisoft, great reactiveness.”

Former Rainbow Six Siege Player and Streamer KingGeorge:

“The reign of terror is over!”

Macie Jay:

“Such a shame you have to resort to this, wish people would just have the integrity to not cheat.”

You can read the notes from here and you can check the tweets below.


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