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Ubisoft Releases A Teaser For The New Rainbow Six Siege Operator Osa



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Rainbow Six Siege has been getting major updates following an operation release, and two days ago, Ubisoft announced that the new Rainbow Six Siege operation is named ‘Crystal Guard,’ and hyped up the community about what’s coming next.

As far as we know from the roadmap announcement, the new operation will be featuring lots of small reworks on the competitive and casual maps instead of huge rework on a single map. However, Ubisoft didn’t reveal any detail about the new changes yet.

Even though Ubisoft didn’t reveal what’s coming for the new season, they shared a teaser about the new operator and what she will do for the Siege team. Also, it was revealed that the Croatian operator is named ‘Osa.’

In the teaser, we could see that Osa is using a mirror just like Mira’s Black Mirror’s, but it can show both sides, unlike Mira’s gadget. Also, it is most likely to be replaceable on the walls as well as the windows.

Osa’s gadget is probably bullet-proof, and it will provide lots of information to the team. Also, it could be used to control the choke points. Besides that, it will be a huge factor to win the gunfights as you are sitting behind a bullet-proof window. Also, it is probably destroyable via explosive gadgets.

Here is the announcement from Ubisoft:

“Crystal Guard, our next season, will bring Osa, a Croatian engineer, to Team Rainbow. Defy the rules, hit your enemies hard and come back safe! Time for action!”

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