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Ubisoft Releases New Update to Rainbow Six Siege For Console – Here is the Lion Rework



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At the invitational 2018, Ubisoft showed us incoming updates, reworks etc. Today, on 18 April, Ubisoft released this huge update for console. This update includes Lion rework, Capitao buff, Maestro nerf and more…

Here are the important update notes:


  • Reduced the ability warning to 1.5 seconds (from 3 seconds).
  • Reduced the scanning to 2 seconds (from 4 seconds).
  • Replaced the scan outline by a red ping debuff.
  • Increased the number of charges to 3 (from 2 charges).
  • Reduced the ability cooldown to 15 seconds (from 27 seconds).
  • Vigil’s ability ERC–7’s cloak makes him immune to Lion’s scan.


  • Dart fire damage per tick reduced to 12 (from 19/tick).
  • Dart fire AOE size increased and now takes 2 seconds to reach max size.
  • Arrows now follow a straight trajectory until 10 meters. Past 10 meters, there is an arrow trajectory falloff due to gravity.


  • Ballistic shield flash cooldown increased to 7 seconds between flashes (from 2 second CD).


  • Maestro’s Evil Eyes windows will automatically open halfway when disabled by EMPs or Shock Drones.


  • AUG–A3 damage increased to 33 (up from 27).
  • Remove a magazine from TCSG12 Shotgun to reduce total ammunition to 51 (down from 61).


  • Added idle SFX to Nomad’s Airjab once deployed to act as warning feedback for gadget position when active Airjabs are nearby.
  • Replaced Claymore with 3x Stun Grenades in Nomad’s loadout.


  • Changes to the reverse Candela cooking mechanic. The longer it cooks, the less time it takes to explode.


  • IQ can now detect Echo when he is using his PDA.

You can read full update notes from here.

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