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Ubisoft Removes Droning After Death Feature From Rainbow Six Siege



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Rainbow Six Siege has been getting lots of updates on every season with the announcement of a new operation. On the last day of Six Invitational 2021, Ubisoft announced the new Operation North Star as well as the new features.

The operation and patch notes have really positive feedback from the community. However, there is only one downside of these changes, which allows you to use drones even after death during the round.

Ubisoft decided to test this feature out on the test server, but the community wasn’t sure if this feature should go through the live server. Because of the fact that it creates more chaos and a low skill gap, most players were against it.

According to Team SoloMid player Beaulo, this is the craziest feature they have added into the game.”Dead people already have a huge impact as is, being able to view cameras and provide critical info to the people still alive,” Beaulo said recently. “I’m not trying to be in a 1vx and have an armada of drones flying at me.”

Following the negative feedback from the community, Ubisoft finally decided to remove the ‘Gameplay After Death’ feature from the test server, which means that this feature won’t make it through the live servers.

“Thank you for testing things that are out of the box,” Former player and content creator KingGeorge shared his thoughts after the announcement. “Everyone should remember this is the point of the test server to TEST things. Sometimes those things won’t fit well, as long as they don’t make the main build this is a good thing. Hopefully the future stuff will be great.

Here is the official announcement:

Gameplay After Death will be removed from the Test Server tomorrow as we look at feedback (Still time to share!). It will allow us to compare it to data during the rest of the TS without it implemented.”

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