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Ubisoft Reveals The New Operator: Thorn



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Ubisoft recently released a teaser for the forthcoming operator in Rainbow Six Siege, Thorn, via the game’s official Twitter account.

Rainbow Six Siege’s new operation, High Calibre, was announced two days ago by the developers, and it featured a new gun that the community has been waiting for a while now. It possesses .50 calibre ammunition within the SMG.

Following the announcement, the players have been waiting to see which operator would use this gun, named SMG5 MK 2 .50 GI, and today, Ubisoft finally revealed the brand new operator for the defenders, Thorn.

Thorn’s special gadget is an explosive booby trap that triggers by the enemies stepping into the radius, just like how Kapkan’s gadget works, but the developers didn’t reveal how the gadget works properly.

Furthermore, Ubisoft mentioned that they will make the full reveal about both Operation High Calibre,  Thorn, as well as the new changes on November 8 via their official Twitch account with a livestream.

Here is Ubisoft’s announcement:

“Thorn’s explosive gadget and new gun will make the most aggressive Attackers think twice.”

You can check out the post below.

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