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Ubisoft Teases The New Homosexual Operator Flores For New Rainbow Six Siege Operation Crimson Heist



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Besides the operations that designed to balance the Rainbow Six Siege, such as Operation Health, Ubisoft has been releasing a new operator for every new operation all the time. Yesterday, they finally teased the new attacker, Flores.

As Ubisoft recently announced the new operation, Operation Crimson Heist, they didn’t spend so much time reveal the new operator. Yesterday, they shared a new video on their official Twitter account to show what the new operator looks like.

In the video, we could see Flores using a special drone just like Twitch does, but it seems like this is an explosive drone instead of just firing a teaser. Also, Flores will be the first homosexual operator in the game.

Here is the official statement from Ubisoft:

“Getting the job done often requires a creative approach. That’s where he comes in. Tune in Sunday, February 21 for the full reveal live on Twitch.”

You can check out the post below.

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