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Ubisoft Unveils Operation North Star For Rainbow Six Siege – Here Are The Leaks



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Earlier this year, Ubisoft revealed the road map of Season 6 of Rainbow Six Siege, and they launched the first season with Operation Crimson Heist, featuring a new operator Flores as well as Border rework.

In the road map, Ubisoft showed that there will be a Nakoda nation operator for Season 2 of year 6, and Favela rework will be added. Yesterday, they revealed the name of the operation, North Star.

As Ubisoft confirmed the new operation for Rainbow Six Siege, the leaks started to flow in the timeline. According to the leaks, the new operator will be named Thunderbird, and she will be a three-speed operator.

Furthermore, her special gadget is named Kona Station, and it will be a deployable gadget like Rook’s plates. However, this gadget will allow you to heal your teammates who are standing in its area.

But, Ubisoft didn’t make any official statement about eighter the operator nor the gadget. But, we can see in the cover picture that the new operator is repelling down from some kind of a rescue helicopter, which also covers the story of her gadget.

Here is the official announcement from Rainbow Six Siege:

“If you ever need help, just look up.”

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