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Ubisoft’s Pirate Game Skull & Bones Skipped E3 2019



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Another bad news from Ubisoft: The pirate game, Skull & Bones has been delayed for a second time and it’s skipped E3 2019.

Previously, Skull & Boness scheduled for a 2018 release and now, it has delayed again to ‘After 2019/20.’ Skull and Bones’ offical Twitter account has published a short video about delay and their decision skip to E3.

You can see the tweet bellow:

In short, the game development team is trying to make the game more flawless. I hope it will be worth the trouble.

Skull & Bones will be released on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Recently, Ubisoft has announced Ghost Recon Breakpoint and also they confirmed that three unannounced AAA games it will be released in early 2020. It seems that we have to wait for the E3 press conference for Ubisoft’s other announcements.