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Upcoming Valorant Price Updates Leaked – ScreaM Reacts



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Valorant is a fairly balanced game in terms of weapons. Right now, most people only complaining about the power of auto shotgun, Judge, but there are no other big problems for the competitive scene.

But, we need to say that there are only a few guns that viable in the game right now. Phantom, Vandal, Frenzy, Ghost, Judge, Operator, and Spectre are the only weapons that players buy most of the time.

However, Riot Games loves to shift the meta around the games as we all know from the League Of Legends updates. According to the leaks via ValorantLeaks Twitter account, they are planning to make huge changes on the weapon prices.

If the rumors come true, almost every weapons’ price will be reduced by 50 to 150 credits such as Frenzy, Stinger, Guardian, Marshall, and many more. Also, they will nerf the Judge by increasing the prove by 150 more.

After reading about the leaks, Team Liquid’s star player Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom wanted to share his thoughts about these changes via his official Twitter account.

While ScreaM was saying that Judge nerfs felt pretty good, he also shared his concerns about buffing every other weak gun in the game. Also, ScreaM liked the idea of buffing the most controversial gun in Valorant, the Operator.

Here is what ScreaM said:

“Glad they nerf the Judge, but man they buff every other shit gun…

Good changes on the Operator and Guardian though, it’s abit expensive I think. Odin also deserves a nerf in my opinion.”

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