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Valorant 3.05 Patch Features Huge Killjoy And Raze Nerfs



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Riot Games recently released the 3.05 patch notes for Valorant yesterday, which will probably affect the meta of the game following the agent nerfs.

The update features a new map, Fracture, as well as new system changes in the competitive system. However, the most important change happened towards two of the most popular picks in the game, Killjoy and Raze.

Killjoy’s abilities allowed her to shut down a bombsite or even choke points. Sometimes, it would be really frustrating to fight against Killjoy, especially while her turret spots you and slows you down during this period.

On the other hand, Raze is one of the most skillful agents in the game that can single-handedly bring victory for the team. Her movement ability as well as info-gathering and damaging Boom Bot makes her unique.

Unfortunately, Riot Games saddened the players who use both Raze and Killjoy. The developers decided to reduce the slowing speed of Killjoy’s turret from 72.5% to 29.5%, which lowers almost the biggest frustration playing against Killjoy.

Furthermore, the developers also nerfed Raze’s Boom Bot by lowering down its max damages. Fortunately enough, they knew that this would be huge nerf to her, so they decided to reduce the price of this ability from 400 to 300.

Killjoy’s Turret:

  • Bullet tagging reduced 72.5% slow >>> 29.5% slow

Raze’s Boombot:

  • Max damage reduced 125 >>> 80
  • Min damage reduced 50 >>> 30
  • Cost reduced 400 >>> 300

Later in the patch notes, Riot Games informed the players that Brimstone’s ultimate ability ‘Orbital Strike,’ Breach’s ‘Aftershock,’ and Sova’s ultimate ability ‘Hunter’s Fury’ can now destroy more utilities such as Killjoy’s Nanoswarms and Cypher’s Trapwire.

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