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Valorant Developers Reveals When They Will Bring Back 5-Man Lobbies



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Riot Games has been working on creating better gaming experiences for their newest FPS game Valorant since the release of the game, and they have been making changes on ranked mode since then.

As you might remember, the ranked mode could be played with five people in the first place. However, players started to complain about this feature because it felt unfair to the people who play the game solo.

Therefore, Riot Games decided to limit the lobbies to higher ranks at the start of Episode 2. Since then, players have been only playing with their duo in the Diamond 3, Immortal, and Radiant ranks.

But, some of the people are waiting for five-man lobbies to play with their friends, and they have been being loud about this for a while. About two weeks ago, Twitch streamer Shroud also asked this question, and Valorant developer EvrMoar said that they are looking for a way to add this feature.

Yesterday, Riot Games has published an article on their official website and answered the most wondered questions from the community, such as the performance issues, 5-Stacks, and many more.

According to the developers, playing as a group is the main focus for the competitive team in Valorant. However, they can not make any statement until Episode 3 for the introduction of 5-man lobbies because it is too early to talk about their solution.

Here is what EvrMoar said:

I know the answer is short, but playing as a group is the focus for the Competitive Team on Valorant right now. We also have changes in the works for ranked as a whole! As the post says, I’ll have more to share at the beginning Ep. 3!”

You can check out the post below.

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