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Valorant’s New Map ‘Fracture’ Brings New Aspects Into The Game As Defenders Will Spawn In The Middle



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Riot Games’ Valorant is one of the most played games in the world right now, and they have been updating and bringing new content into the game since its release.

Yesterday, Riot Games revealed on their official social media account that they are going to release a brand new map, named ‘Fracture,’ which will bring lots of new dynamics into the game as well as the FPS games.

Usually, the maps players have been playing on the FPS games are vertically or horizontally divided. The attackers and defenders would spawn opposite sides of the map between the bombsites that they can reach out to the bombsite almost at the same time.

However, Riot Games has been pushing the limits of casual FPS games maps since its release. As they first introduced the Bind map, the players were shocked in the first place because it has teleports that make the characters move around the map.

This time, the developers even made the bigger changes to the map that will be the most unique map in the FPS games history. As the Level Designer Joe Lansford said, the defenders will spawn in the middle of the map, and the attackers will attack the bombsites from both sides.

As far as we saw in the trailer, ‘Fracture’ will be having ziplines and teleports to make it more dynamic and balanced. However, it is not sure how the meta will be on this map compared to the others. Additionally, the map will be live with the release of Reflection, Act II.

Joe Lansford on the new map:

“What if attackers started on both sides of the map, pinching defenders? We really wanted to ask players to rethink some fundamental assumptions and give them unique problems to solve.”

You can check out the video below.

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