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Valve Announces New CS:GO Update



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CS:GO’s last biggest update was in 2018 October 9. This patch came with new meta. This update has pushed the post-pistol round loss bonus one round further, which means it now begins at $1,900 after the pistol round and rises to the $3,400 maximum at a 0-4 start to the half. It has also CZ-75 nerf, which is more unreliable on spay, and Tec-9 buff with a more accurate control. And lastly, It has bringed new scopped riffles meta, AUG and SG553. (You can check out about scopped riffles meta news in our news.)

In 24 January, new patch released. They removed Austria and Subzero maps in the game; in their place, new map Abbey added and Zoo has bringed back. Here is the following new changes in CS:GO:


– Added a new version of Vertigo to Wingman official matchmaking.
– Added Zoo and Abbey to Casual and Deathmatch official matchmaking.
– Removed Austria and Subzero from official matchmaking.


-Improved performance.
-Removed connector between A short and A long.
-Removed mid lower entry.
-Added ladder to mid upper entry.
-Moved T spawn towards A to give CTs better mid timings.
-Fixed several bomb stuck spots and clipping issues.

– Accounts are now automatically upgraded to Prime by reaching Lieutenant Rank 21.
– Fixed a regression for some Perfect World accounts with completed Identity Verification and restored their Prime Account Status.
– Fixed scoreboard team names truncation in some languages.
– Fixed random map behavior in offline with bots game modes.

– Adjusted velocity value for when jump ‘step’ sound plays for more consistent behavior.
– Fixed a bug where player fall damage sound wasn’t playing most of the time.
– Fixed a bug where “the bomb has been defused” and “counter-terrorists win” VO lines could overlap each other.

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