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Valve Finds A New Way To Prevent Trolls In Matchmaking



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Valve released new patch notes for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive yesterday via Steam, which is featuring new matchmaking changes to fight against the toxicity, map changes, and a Dreams & Nightmares Contest.

Unlike League Of Legends and Valorant, players are barely getting punished for trolling the games and supposedly throwing the games. If they are not killing each other or damaging to their teammates, they most likely get away with what they are doing.

Even though there is an option to report your teammate for sabotaging the team, there was no serious deterrence against these kinds of people. Optimistically, they will get few hours of ban if they got so many reports.

However, it seems like Valve wants to make a change to the new system. As they announced in the patch notes, they will be bringing ‘escalating competitive cooldowns’ for the people who grief during the matchmaking games.

Here is the announcement from Valve:

“Players that receive unusually high amounts of griefing reports will get a warning, followed by escalating competitive cooldowns.”

Later in the patch notes, Valve also revealed the new map changes on both Pitstop and Mocha, which are the casual maps that Valve uses. Besides that, they also revealed how they can attend the Dreams & Nightmares Contest, which is a $1.000.000 skin contest.

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