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Valve Introduces Unranked Matchmaking For CS:GO



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Since the beginning of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, players have been grinding on ranked mode to climb to the greatest achievement in the game, Global Elite, or they are just trying to enjoy the competitive game modes.

However, some of the players are just playing the game for fun and trying to enjoy playing with their friends, which causes some problems for the competitive players because of their playstyle in the ranked mode.

Even though the game has a causal game mode, it is more like chaos rather than a true CS:GO experience. For the last year, Valve has been making lots of updates to the game including a new operation, Broken Fang.

With this operation, the developers also brought a brand new game mode for the official Valve servers, retakes, wingman, and Danger Zone. But, the game was lacking the ranked experience without affecting your elo.

Today, Valve announced on the official website that they have brought an Unranked Matchmaking mode just like other games such as Valorant, Rainbow Six Siege, and more, and thrilled the community.

“When new players play Competitive, Wingman, and Danger Zone, their matches will still use skill-based matchmaking, but players will not earn a Skill Group,” Valve announced. “Prime players can also play Unranked matches, where their Skill Group will not be affected and where there are no lobby Skill Group restrictions. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a new arrival, GL, and HF!”

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