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Valve Nerfs AUG – Here Is The Community’s Reaction



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On June 19, Valve released the patch notes for CS:GO. According to patch notes, AUG is nerfed. Since the beginning in 2019, AUG was the meta and players complained a lot. AUG’s rate of fire and unscoped accuracy has been reduced.

FaZe Clan player Niko after his first usage of AUG and nerfing it 1-day afterward said:

“I think @csgo_dev is trolling me”

Mousesports player Karrigan replied:

“AUGs are for noobs anyway”

Complexity player Dephh said:

“AUG nerfs! Will be interesting to see which teams start to slow down, might be telling to the true beneficiaries of the weapon.”

Ninjas In Pyjamas player Lekro said:

“Havent tried it yet, but I hope this nerf makes the aug useless :D”

Complexity awper ShahZaM was shocked:


You can check the tweets below.

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