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Valve Realeses New CS:GO Update, Includes AUG Nerf, Economic Changes and More! – Here is Professional Players Opinion



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On 13 March 2019, Valve realesed update for CS:GO. In this update, we have AUG nerf that everybody’s wishlist. They made AUG more expensive, so if players wanna buy AUG, they need to think about their utility. Also M4A1-S has more ammo capacity compare to old one. It increase to 25 bullets per mag. And new loss bonuses systems is online. Before, if you win after losing 4 rounds in row, your lost bonus would be reseted. But now, It will be decreasing round by round to $500 when you win a round.

Here is the update notes:

Gameplay: Adjusted round loss bonuses with the goal of reducing a negative feedback loop following streaks of losses.

  • Round loss bonuses are now based on the count of a team’s round losses. The count increases by one after every loss, and decreases by one after every win (minimum 0).
  •  With 0 Losses: $1400
  •  With 1 Loss: $1900
  •  With 2 Losses: $2400
  •  With 3 Losses: $2900
  •  With 4+ Losses: $3400
  •  Previously, a win would reset the round loss bonus. Now, a win reduces the loss counter by one.
  •  Teams still begin the half with a loss count of 1.
  •  This is enabled by default and can be controlled using the mp_consecutive_loss_aversion server setting.
  •  The round loss bonus is still limited to mp_consecutive_loss_max multiplied by cash_team_winner_bonus_consecutive_rounds.
  • Added flashbang assists for players who successfully flash an enemy which then gets killed by another player. Players who threw the flashbang will get an assist callout in the death notice. However if another player inflicted >40 damage to the victim for the assist, the flashbang assist player will not get the callout.


  • Now that players have had an opportunity to learn to love the AUG, returning the weapon to its original price of $3300.


  • The M4A1-S now holds 25 bullets in the magazine, and has 75 in reserve.


  •  Price reduction for some shotguns: Nova ($1050), Sawed-Off ($1100), Mag7 ($1300).
  •  Nova penetration increased to 1.
  •  Sawed-Off range increased to 1400.
  •  Single shell shotguns in the middle of their reload sequence will no longer automatically continue to reload after a player holsters and deploys them.

Fixed a bug that prevented C4 or enemies seen through open doors from showing up on the radar.
Fixed a rare bug where a C4 bomb reset trigger could reset the bomb to a position that was not on the ground.

Map Changes:



  • reduced number of routes around bombsite B
  •  moved bombsite B inside the palace
  •  added a door from center stairs to courtyard platform
  •  made it possible to jump up to B bridge from scaffold
  •  new radar map style


  •  Thank you to all the diligent players that continued testing Bombsite B
  • Blocked runboost from T spawn to Bombsite B (will still be possible in B site configuration)
  • Obstructed boost from top of floodlight in back of A
  • Changed layout of back of A site, made entrance onto site a regular doorway, added half-wall in front of scaffolding
  • Added usable door in mid towards bombsite B
  • Simplified collision model of support jack
  • Fixed unintended boost on scaffolding on A ramp
  • Made boostable concrete mold by A site slightly larger
  • Improved clipping inside elevator shaft

Lots of pros reacted to this update. Ropz, seized, friberg, Dev1ce and more.

maikelele said:

“Great update! Going to balance the game a lot – Great job CS:GO my bruddas!”

chrisJ said:

“Damn that moneysystem update seems like a big change, definitely interesting to see how that will play out! AUG meta will still be there though. It’s rare this extra flash is needed. Nice to see that the silenced m4 got a little buff too.”

FaZe superstar Niko tweeted:

“AUG still needs a nerf or even higher price.”

ropz from Mousesports:

“New money system is insane though this changes the game completely, forget hard resets. I expect there to be way less dominant halves (12-3’s on nuke, train etc), this balances the game a lot”

ELiGE from Team Liquid:

“the money change is gonna be hard to calculate in the beginning”

Astralis awper Dev1ce said:

“Dno if the AUG nerf is really a nerf, now you dont get reset so you will have more money anyways. M4A1-S still shit and new economy systems are always fun! Lets see how it works out”

Magisk from Astralis:

“Interesting changes in the economy. It will make it harder to win with big deficits ETC. But I dont see the AUG “nerf” will change anything, since you will have more money in general. I think this will be good for us so we have more weaponrounds”

Astralis member Dupreeh said:

“For spectators, this is super great. For players, we will see. I think we will have a ton more buy rounds, which is really nice when it comes to competition and skill ceiling! To many more amazing finals! (highfive!)”

MIBR player TACO:

“I didn’t really like the idea of having the flash assist on the kill feed, it’s just free information which makes competition lower, AUG needs a bigger nerf (raise the price again for at least $3500), New economy system looks good at first but of course we need more time to get used to it. It makes competition harder which I personally like.”

seized said:

“what a game changer update, gj”

ISSAA from Hellraisers:

“I woke up to this update, gr8 job CS:GO i really liked it, everything seems to be fine, but if they increase the m4a1-s fire rate and im really excited with the economy changes and to see how its gonna change the gameplay, what do u guys think?”

Heroic player friberg:

“AUG could have been ~3500$, I still think it will be bought a LOT considering the economy update.”

Team Vitality player NBK:

“Holy fuck I have a headache with that new economy system. AUG price is back up, thanks mr. CS:GO”

“Good thing our coach is bald, he won’t have to pull his hair on this new economic system huehuehuehuehue”

MIBR coach zews said:

“Holy… These changes to CS are gonna impact a lot how the game is played at a pro level. In theory I think we are getting a lot buy rounds as well as a viable options in the M4A1-S paired with an AUG. Should make for some interesting CS in next months… I think AUG will still be main choice for players as +150 isn’t gonna break the bank with new economy reset rules. Time for pros to get creative with A1 specially because of the effect of silenced + no tracers in smks etc.”

You can check the tweets below and click here for full update features.

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