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Valve Unveils The Roadmap Of The Upcoming Major Events Following PGL Major Stockholm 2021



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Back in 2019, Valve announced that Brazil would host their first-ever major championship ever in Rio, featuring ESL One. It was announced that the championship will start in May 2020, but things didn’t go the way everybody wanted.

After coronavirus hit the whole world, events and meetings were cancelled. Because of that Rio Major got postponed to November 2020 while adding the regional online qualifiers. However, the tournament got cancelled through the end of the year.

At the start of this year, Valve announced the new major, which will be held at Sweeden, PGL Major 2021, and it is scheduled to start in October 2021. The major will feature a $2,000,000 prize pool a rise from the $1,000,000 of previous majors.

Also, it will be the first major after StarLadder Major: Berlin 2019, in which Astralis overcome AVANGAR in the finals. Because of that, the most major winner team, Astralis, is the defending champions for PGL Major 2021.

As we are getting closer to the first major after two years, Valve unveiled the future of the major events. According to hltv, Valve is planning to make two majors per year, starting from 2022. The first major is planning to be made around May, and the second one is probably taking place around November.

Furthermore, Valve stated that the tournament organizers could make their offers until this June, so Valve could select the host in the following month. But, it is uncertain that which organizers applied to this.

Additionally, every five regions will hold an RMR event before the major tournaments, and Valve will provide support for the prize pool, travel, and accommodation for these events, which is planned to be made in April and September before the majors.

Moreover, we should remind you that all of these tournaments will feature the latest map pool that Valve gives in CS:GO, and therefore, the newly added map Ancient will be played in those majors as long as the map pool won’t change in the future.

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