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Viego Dominated The NA League Of Legends Scene In The First Day Of LCS Summer 2021



Viego, The Ruined King, introduced to the League Of Legends player at the start of this year. Even though the Mid-Season Invitational held after two patches the release of this champion, Riot Games decided to not put him in the champions pool.

Yesterday, LCS Summer 2021 started and it was allowed to use Viego, as well as the newest champion in the rift, Gwen. However, the League Of Legends scene started to see why Riot Games decided to forbid Viego for the MSI.

Viego is a champion that has a unique passive ability that increases his laning dominance by giving him a lot of healing from the minions. Besides that, a short cooldown of his skills allows him to trade fast and activate the Conqueror rune pretty easily, which also allows him to access healing more.

Furthermore, Viego could temporarily seize control of the enemies who died near him, regenerates his health, and could re-use his ultimate ability. With this kit, he is also a strong team fighter besides being a great laner.

As well as being a great laner in both mid and top lane, Viego could be used in jungle pretty easily. Because of how strong and a flex pick Viego could be, he is one of the strongest champions in the rift right now.

Viego has won 2 of 3 matches in LCS Summer 2021 on the opening day.

Viego is firstly used in the match between Team SoloMid and Team Liquid. PowerOfEvil, is the one who used Viego against Sylas in the mid lane, and he finished the match with 4-3-6. He built Immortal Shieldbow, Mercury’s Treads, Blade Of The Ruin King, Randuin’s Omen, and Spirit Visage in order during the game.

In the next match, Viego is picked by Cloud9’s mid-laner Perkz against Zoe in the hands of Golden Guardian’s Ablazeolive. Even though Cloud9 lost the match, Perkz was so strong in the rift with Viego with 3-2-14 scores.

Viego is used once again in the last match of the day by FlyQuest, but he was used as a jungler this time. Josedeodo found the first blood against Leona, and he ended the game with 4-0-7 scores.

Even though Josedeodo made a different build with Kraken Slayer, Sterak’s Gage, and Guradian Angel, he managed to dominate the right with Viego and helped his team to get their first victory in LCS.

Right now, Viego has a %67 win rate in LCS on the first day, but this might increase in the future because of how well-rounded Viego is. Also, players could get use to it throughout the split and might find greater success.

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