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Esports CS:GO Coach dastan Says They Will Be Looking For New Players If They Continue Play Like This



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Dastan Akbayev, known as “dastan,” is a 26-year-old Kazakh CS:GO coach who has been working for since December 2019. Before that, he was representing AVANGAR for around two years.

A few days ago, during the recent talk with Gameinside, dastan stated that if they perform like this and playing poorly, they will be looking for new players in summer.

Here is what dastan said:

“We consider a reshuffle, that’s normal. As a team we can talk about it openly: we’re demonstrating poor results.

It’s just that we’re in the pre-Major period and all the teams are already set, so we decided that we probably won’t make adjustments before it. Probably.”

He continued:

“We also believe that we can demonstrate better results with our current setup, instead of trying things out with new people. If things don’t work out, then we’ll be looking for new players come June.”

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