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Virtus.Pro CS:GO Player Jame Reveals The Meaning Of ‘Jame Time’ Meme



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Dzhami Ali, known as “Jame,” is a 22-year-old Russian CS:GO player who has been playing under jersey for over a year. Previously, he was playing for AVANGAR. In his career, he earned over $250.000 from the events.

Jame spoke in a recent interview with and talked about his career,, and many more things about his personality.

In the conversation, he also revealed the meaning of one of the most used memes in CS:GO scene, ‘Jame Time.’ Jame mentioned that he used to call save in the rounds that he shouldn’t and admitted that it comes from being an inexperienced player.

While mentioning that this is not happening that often nowadays, Jame also pointed out that there are two usages of this meme; one of them when he lands an insane clutch, and the other one when he saves a weapon for the next time.

Interviewer asked:

“How do you feel about the memes associated with you?”

Jame replied:

“It’s cool. I should’ve boosted my media presence off the back of the hype, maybe I’ll regret not monetising it later on. On the other hand, had I abused the memes for money then the charm of it would be gone.”

Interviewer asked:

“The most popular meme of them all is ‘Jame time.’”

Jame responded:

“In the past, there were times when I shouldn’t have saved. We were inexperienced, and we’d frequently destroy our own economy with these saves. When it comes to slow plays on ecos, it’s fun to wait out an UZI with a USP. The person is frag-hunting, so they’ll run right at you, but these days the level of play has improved, so it doesn’t really work anymore.

Players run off to save in a single position, so it’s better to land some damage before the bomb blows. ‘Jame time’ has different interpretations actually. One of them is when I land a nasty clutch, the other when I save. At the Major, for example, ‘Jame time’ was connected specifically with impressive kills.”

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