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Esports CS:GO Player qikerts Says Valve Should Bring This Map Back



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Alexey Golubev, known as “qikert,” is a 21-year-old Kazakh CS:GO player who has been representing for over four months. Before that, he was playing for AVANGAR since 2017.

qikert has shared a new post on his official Twitter account and revealed his thoughts about the map pool in the game. He stated that Mirage should have removed from the competitive scene and Cobblestone should have added.

Here is what qikert said:

“Thanks CS:GO for not changing my A site on Vertigo. 😘 Now remove mirage and bring Cobblestone back.”

A fan named James replied:

“New Cobble wasn’t perfect but it had great ideas. Loved how you could smoke a site from mid through the roofs gaps.”

Another fan named Grzesiek wrote:

“Cobble, The best map to play and watch.”

You can check out his tweet below.

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