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Esports CS:GO Player YEKINDAR: “tabseN Is The Main Reason Why I Played FPL”



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Mareks Gaļinskis, known as “YEKINDAR,” is a 21-year-old Latvian CS:GO player who has been representing for over seven months. Before that, he was playing pro100 and Elements Pro Gaming.

YEKINDAR spoke in a recent interview with and talked about his career highlights, aggressive playstyle, former teammates, FPL situation, and many more things.

In the conversation, YEKINDAR revealed how BIG Clan player Johannes “tabseN” Wodarz encouraged him to play FPL and explained why he wanted to play more FPL games because of tabseN. YEKINDAR said that tabseN was motivating him all the time and saying good things about him all the time.

According to YEKINDAR, tabseN was saying that he will have a great future in the game and he shouldn’t worry about it at all. In this way, tabseN made him gain confidence and that’s why he didn’t start to worry about making mistakes in the server.

Here is what YEKINDAR said:

“When you don’t know the personalities of the players you don’t know… if you say something wrong maybe they will get mad at you and you just ruin your relationship with him — when in the future, it could be a good one.

I couldn’t say everything I wanted to say and do what I wanted to do because I felt like FPL is something that I need to hold on to. I didn’t want to leave a bad impression or something like that.”

He added:

“But once I felt that people were comfortable playing with me and that they believed I was a good player, allowing me more space in the server, I felt like, ‘OK, I’m going to play how I play.’

tabseN was the one that helped me gain confidence, he always said good things about me, like, ‘Don’t worry, you are really good, you have a bright future ahead of you.’ tabseN is the main reason why I played FPL and wasn’t afraid of making some mistakes and all that stuff. He was a great figure to have in FPL.”

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