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Esports Rainbow Six Siege Player Rask About Major Final: “We Thought G2 Would Do Clean Sweep”



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Alan Ali, known as “Rask,” is a 21-year-old Russian Rainbow Six Siege player who has been playing under jersey for over three months. Before that, he was playing for forZe Esports.

Rask spoke in a recent interview with’s official website and revealed his opinion about the Major final between G2 Esports and BDS Esports, which BDS ended up winning the trophy.

In the conversation, Rask stated that the whole team was thinking that G2 Esports will do clean sweep against BDS, but they were stunned after seeing they lost. He said it was so bizarre that BDS won against G2 Esports even with the old strategies and doing the same things.

Interviewer asked:

“Have you watched the final? Thoughts on it?”

Rask replied:

“I did. We all thought that G2 would do a clean sweep, but even though BDS haven’t come up with any new strats and were simply rolling with what they played 2 months ago, they kept winning. I have no idea what was up with G2 – they were always known for having 2 coaches and an analyst that thoroughly analyze each and every opponent.

You have to be creative and aggressive when playing against them. BDS didn’t care – they played their old strats and did so successfully. It was bizarre. Feels bad to try and come up with some new strats when we could’ve comfortably played our default strat. I think the game would’ve been better than way.”

Interviewer asked:

“Last year you said that competitive R6 is boring because G2 keep beating everyone. Can we scratch that?”

Rask said:

“It was true last year, but everything’s changed now. BDS have shown that it’s possible to win a series after a lower bracket start. G2 aren’t as unconquerable as they seem now. I don’t think there’s a universally feared team left now – everyone can hold their ground.”

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